Finnish–English dictionary for rule-based machine translation

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Apertium-fin-eng: Finnish–English bilingual dictionary (letter w)

This page has been generated automatically from the XML dictionary data. It is intended for visualisation. Please find the machine-readable source codes in apertium repository for fin-eng.


Apertium will use following letters as alphabets in its tokenisation:

Apertium tags (for POS and MSD features)

Symbol Comment
<abbr> Abbr=Yes
<acc> Case=Acc
<acr> Abbr=Yes
<ade> Case=Ade
<adj> ADJ
<adv> ADV
<al> PropnType=Unk
<an> ???
<ant> PropnType=Ant
<apos> PunctType=apos
<card> NumType=Card
<cm> PunctType=Cm
<cnjadv> SCONJ
<cnjcoo> CCONJ
<cnjsub> SCONJ
<cog> PropnType=Cog
<def> Definite=
<dem> PronType=Dem
<det> DET
<enc> Clitic=ko
<ess> Case=Ess
<f> PropnType=Fem
<gen> Case=Gen
<ger> VerbForm=Ger
<guio> PUNCT
<ij> INTJ
<ill> Case=Ill
<ind> PronType=Ind
<ine> Case=Ine
<ins> Case=Ins
<itg> PronType=Itner
<lpar> PUNCT
<lquest> PUNCT
<lquot> PUNCT
<m> PropnType=Male
<mf> PropnType=_
<n> NOUN
<ND> Number=_
<neg> Polarity=Neg
<nn> I don't thinke anyone knows these really...
<nom> Case=Nom
<np> PROPN
<nt> Gender=Neut
<num> NUM
<obj> Case=Acc
<ord> Numtupe=Ord
<p1> Person=1
<p2> Person=2
<p3> Person=3
<par> Case=Par
<part> PART
<pers> PronType=Pers
<pl> Number=Plur
<pos> Degree=Pos
<post> AdpType=Post
<pr> AdpType=Pre
<preadv> ADV
<predet> DET
<prn> PRON
<pron> PRON
<punct> PUNCT
<pxsp3> Person[psor]=3
<qnt> PronType=Ind
<qst> Clitic=Ko
<qu> PronType=Ind
<quot> PUNCT
<ref> Reflex=Yes
<rel> PronType=Rel
<rpar> PUNCT
<rquot> PUNCT
<sent> PUNCT
<sg> Number=Sing
<sint> AdjType=Sint
<sp> Number=_
<subj> Case=Nom
<subst> ???
<sym> SYM
<tn> ???
<top> PropnType=Top
<tra> Case=Tra
<vaux> apuverbi
<vbdo> AUX
<vbhaver> AUX
<vblex> VERB
<vbmod> AUX
<vbser> AUX
<x> X



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w or W

RL Finnish C English C Comments
Wabulasa (np)
Wada (np)
WADA (np)
Wade (np)
Wadiya (np)
WAfa (np)
WAFA (np)
WAFB (np)
Wagner (np)
Wagner (np)
Wainwright (np)
Wainwright (np)
Walcott (np)
Walcott (np)
Waldenbuch (np)
Walesa (np)
Wales (np)
Walid (np)
Wallace (np)
Wallace (np)
Wall Street Journal (np)
Wall Street (np)
Waller (np)
Walliams (np)
Wall (np)
Walls (np)
Wally (np)
Wally (np)
Walmart (np)
Wal-Mart (np)
Walsh (np)
Walston (np)
Walter (np)
Walters (np)
Walters (np)
Walthamstow (np)
Walton (np)
Wangchuck (np)
Wang (np)
Wanhat (np)
Wanna (np)
Warburg (np)
Ward (np)
Warholm (np)
Warhol (np)
Warner (np)
Warner (np)
Warne (np)
Warren (np)
Warren (np)
Warwick (np)
Warwick (np)
Washington, D.C. (np)
Washington Post (np)
Washington (np)
Washoe (np)
Wasilla (np)
Wa (np)
WA (np)
Wasserman (np)
Waterloo (np)
Waterloo (np)
Waterloo (np)
Watson (np)
Wayde (np)
Wayne (np)
Wayne (np)
WBC (np)
WBO (np)
Weather (np)
Weathers (np)
Webb (np)
Weber (np)
Weber (np)
WebMD (np)
Webster (np)
Weeknd (np)
Weinermeyer (np)
Weinstein (np)
Wei (np)
Wei (np)
Wellcare (np)
Weller (np)
Wellingborough (np)
Welt (np)
Wembley (np)
Wendel (np)
Wendy (np)
Wendy (np)
Wenger (np)
Werdigier (np)
Wertman (np)
Wesbanco (np)
West Bank (np)
Westco Jeans (np)
Westco (np)
Wester (np)
Westin (np)
Westminster (np)
Westminster (np)
Weston (np)
Weston (np)
Westport (np)
West (np)
Westwood (np)
Westwood (np)
Weybridge (np)
WFP (np)
WhatsApp (np)
Wheelhouse (np)
Whelan (np)
Whelan (np)
Whitbeck (np)
Whitehall (np)
Whitehall (np)
White (np)
Whitney (np)
Whitney (np)
Whole Foods (np)
Whomes (np)
Whoopi (np)
WHO (np)
Whyte (np)
Whyte (np)
Wickham (np)
Wickham (np)
Widenius (np)
Widodo (np)
Widodo (np)
Wiersma (np)
Wigan (np)
Wiggins (np)
Wijsenbeek (np)
WikiLeaks (np)
Wikipedia (np)
Wilde (np)
Wilde (np)
Wild (np)
Wilenius (np)
Wilhelm (np)
Wilkinson (np)
Willard (np)
Willard (np)
Williamsburg (np)
William (np)
William (np) (pl)
Williamson (np)
Williamson (np)
Williams (np)
Willie (np)
Willi (np)
Willis (np)
Willis (np)
Willman (np)
Willmar (np)
Willoughby (np)
Will (np)
Wilmington (np)
Wilmington (np)
Wilson (np)
Wimbledon (np)
Winchester (np)
Windows (np)
Winehouse (np)
Winetka (np)
Winfrey (np)
Winfrey (np)
Winkler (np)
Winstead (np)
Winston (np)
Winston (np)
Winter (np)
Wiranto (np)
Wiranto (np)
Wirtanen (np)
Wisconsin (np)
Wladimir (np)
Wladimir (np)
WMP (np)
WNBC (np)
Wolfe (np)
Wolff (np)
Wolf (np)
Wolverhampton (np)
Wolverhampton (np)
Wong (np)
Woodrow (np)
Wood (np)
Woods (np)
Woodvill (np)
Woodward (np)
Woody (np)
Woolworth (np)
Woolworth (np)
Woosnam (np)
Worcestershire (np)
WordNet (np)
Worf (np)
Worrall (np)
Worthing (np)
Wright (np)
WSMV (np)
W. (np)
Wulff (np)
Wu (np)
Wuterich (np)
WWF (np)
Wyndham (np)
WATS-linja (n) WATS line (n)
WC (n) bathroom (n)
WC (n) flush toilet (n)
WC (n) lavatory (n)
WC (n) privy (n)
WC (n) restroom (n)
WC (n) toilet (n)
WC (n) washroom (n)
WC (n) W.C. (n)
WHO (n) WHO (n)
WHO (n) WHO (n)
WHO (n) WHO (n)
WWW-selain (n) web browser (n)
Wassermann (n) Wassermann (n)
Wei-dynastia (n) Wei dynasty (n)
Welsh-poni (n) Welsh pony (n)
Westinghouse (n) Westinghouse (n)
Weston-kenno (n) Weston cell (n)
Weyland (n) Wayland the Smith (n)
Whig-puolue (n) Whig Party (n)
Wien (np) Vienna (np)
Wightsaari (np) Isle of Wight (np)
Wilton-matto (n) Wilton carpet (n)
Worcestershire-kastike (n) Worcestershire sauce (n)
Würzburg (np) Wuerzburg (np)
Würzburg (np) Wurzburg (np)
wagnerilainen (n) Wagnerian (n)
wagnerilainen (adj) Wagnerian (adj)
wahabi (n) Wahabi (n)
wahabismi (n) Wahabism (n)
wahhabi (n) Wahhabi (n)
wahhabismi (n) Wahhabism (n)
waita (n) waita (n)
wakashan (n) Wakashan (n)
walapai (n) Walapai (n)
waldorfinsalaatti (n) Waldorf salad (n)
wales (n) Welsh (n)
walesilainen (n) Welshman (n)
walesilainen (n) Welsh (n)
walesincorgi (n) Welsh corgi (n)
walesinkielinen (n) Welsh (n)
walesinponi (n) Welsh pony (n)
walesinspringerspanieli (n) Welsh springer spaniel (n)
walesinterrieri (n) Welsh terrier (n)
wambengerit (n) Phascogale (n)
wampanoag (n) Wampanoag (n)
wampum (n) peag (n)
wampum (n) wampumpeag (n)
wandala (n) Wandala (n)
wanha (adj) auld (adj)
wankelmoottori (n) Wankel engine (n)
wankelmoottori (n) Wankel rotary engine (n)
waratah (n) Telopea (n)
warji (n) Warji (n)
warlpiri (n) Walbiri (n)
warlpiri (n) Warlpiri (n)
warung (n) warung (n)
washingtonilainen (n) Washingtonian (n)
watti (n) watt (n)
wattimittari (n) wattmeter (n)
wattisekunti (n) watt second (n)
wattitunti (n) watt-hour (n)
watusi (n) Watusi (n)
watutsi (n) Watutsi (n)
wc (n) wc (n)
wc-harja (n) toilet brush (n)
wc-istuin (n) stool (n)
wc-paperi (n) toilet paper (n)
wc-pönttö (n) toilet (n)
web (n) web (n)
web (n) World Wide Web (n)
webbi (n) web (n)
webbi (n) World Wide Web (n)
webbikamera (n) webcam (n)
webbilogi (n) web log (n)
webcast (n) webcast (n)
weber (n) weber (n)
weimarinseisoja (n) Weimaraner (n)
wellerismi (n) wellerism (n)
wesleyläinen (n) Wesleyan (n)
wessexiläinen (n) West Saxon (n)
western (n) western (n)
western-voileipä (n) western sandwich (n)
western-voileipä (n) western (n)
whig (n) Whig (n)
wicca (n) Wiccan (n)
wicca (n) Wicca (n)
wiccalaisuus (n) Wicca (n)
wichita (n) Wichita (n)
wienerleipä (n) danish (n)
wimshurst (n) Wimshurst machine (n)
winnebago (n) Winnebago (n)
wintun (n) Wintun (n)
wisconsilainen (n) Wisconsinite (n)
witbier (n) white beer (n)
wittgensteinilainen (n) Wittgensteinian (n)
wobbly (n) Wobbly (n)
wokki (n) wok (n)
wokkipannu (n) wok (n)
wollastoniitti (n) wollastonite (n)
wolleminmänty (n) Wollemi pine (n)
wolof (n) Wolof (n)
wonton (n) won ton (n)
wonton (n) wonton (n)
wonton-keitto (n) won ton (n)
wonton-keitto (n) wonton (n)
wonton-keitto (n) wonton soup (n)
worcesterkastike (n) Worcester sauce (n)
worcesterkastike (n) Worcestershire sauce (n)
worcesterkastike (n) Worcestershire (n)
wrappi (n) wrap (n)
wu-kiina (n) Wu dialect (n)
wu-kiina (n) Wu (n)
wulfeniitti (n) wulfenite (n)
wurziittikidehila (n) wurtzite (n)
www (n) www (n)
www-sivut (n) web site (n)
www.claudemaus.com (n) www.claudemaus.com (n)
www.iht.com (n) www.iht.com (n)
www.militarymba.net (n) www.militarymba.net (n)
wykehamisti (n) Wykehamist (n)
wyominginsilohiiri (n) silky pocket mouse (n)
wyominglainen (n) Wyomingite (n)