Finnish–English dictionary for rule-based machine translation

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Apertium-fin-eng: Finnish–English bilingual dictionary (letter c)

This page has been generated automatically from the XML dictionary data. It is intended for visualisation. Please find the machine-readable source codes in apertium repository for fin-eng.


Apertium will use following letters as alphabets in its tokenisation:

Apertium tags (for POS and MSD features)

Symbol Comment
<abbr> Abbr=Yes
<acc> Case=Acc
<acr> Abbr=Yes
<ade> Case=Ade
<adj> ADJ
<adv> ADV
<al> PropnType=Unk
<an> ???
<ant> PropnType=Ant
<apos> PunctType=apos
<card> NumType=Card
<cm> PunctType=Cm
<cnjadv> SCONJ
<cnjcoo> CCONJ
<cnjsub> SCONJ
<cog> PropnType=Cog
<def> Definite=
<dem> PronType=Dem
<det> DET
<enc> Clitic=ko
<ess> Case=Ess
<f> PropnType=Fem
<gen> Case=Gen
<ger> VerbForm=Ger
<guio> PUNCT
<ij> INTJ
<ill> Case=Ill
<ind> PronType=Ind
<ine> Case=Ine
<ins> Case=Ins
<itg> PronType=Itner
<lpar> PUNCT
<lquest> PUNCT
<lquot> PUNCT
<m> PropnType=Male
<mf> PropnType=_
<n> NOUN
<ND> Number=_
<neg> Polarity=Neg
<nn> I don't thinke anyone knows these really...
<nom> Case=Nom
<np> PROPN
<nt> Gender=Neut
<num> NUM
<obj> Case=Acc
<ord> Numtupe=Ord
<p1> Person=1
<p2> Person=2
<p3> Person=3
<par> Case=Par
<part> PART
<pers> PronType=Pers
<pl> Number=Plur
<pos> Degree=Pos
<post> AdpType=Post
<pr> AdpType=Pre
<preadv> ADV
<predet> DET
<prn> PRON
<pron> PRON
<punct> PUNCT
<pxsp3> Person[psor]=3
<qnt> PronType=Ind
<qst> Clitic=Ko
<qu> PronType=Ind
<quot> PUNCT
<ref> Reflex=Yes
<rel> PronType=Rel
<rpar> PUNCT
<rquot> PUNCT
<sent> PUNCT
<sg> Number=Sing
<sint> AdjType=Sint
<sp> Number=_
<subj> Case=Nom
<subst> ???
<sym> SYM
<tn> ???
<top> PropnType=Top
<tra> Case=Tra
<vaux> apuverbi
<vbdo> AUX
<vbhaver> AUX
<vblex> VERB
<vbmod> AUX
<vbser> AUX
<x> X



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c or C

RL Finnish C English C Comments
C-130 (np)
Cabeza (np)
Cabeza (np)
Cabot (np)
Cabot (np)
Cacheris (np)
Cadillac (np)
Caesar (np)
Cai (np)
Caitlyn (np)
Caixa (np)
Calabria (np)
Calabria (np)
Calais (np)
Calderon (np)
Calderon (np)
Calderwood (np)
Caleb (np)
Caleb (np)
Calgary (np)
California (np)
Calin (np)
Cali (np)
Callaghan (np)
Callahan (np)
Callum (np)
Calpers (np)
Calum (np)
Calva (np)
Calvert (np)
Calzadilla (np)
Calzaghe (np)
Cambodia (np)
Cambridge (np)
Camden (np)
Camden (np)
Camdyn (np)
Cameron (np)
Camilla (np)
Camille (np)
Campbell (np)
Camp (np)
Canadiens (np)
Canberra (np)
Cancer (np)
Candace (np)
Canfield (np)
Caniff (np)
Canio (np)
Cannes (np)
Can (np)
Cansu (np)
Canterbury (np)
Canterbury (np)
Canyon (np)
Cao (np)
Cao (np)
Caparica (np)
Capex (np)
Capital (np)
Capitol (np)
Capitol (np)
Capp (np)
Cara (np)
Cardenas (np)
Cardenas (np)
Cardiff (np)
Cardi (np)
Card (np)
Carina (np)
Carletonville (np)
Carlisle (np)
Carlisle (np)
Carlo (np)
Carlo (np) (pl)
Carlos (np)
Carlsbad (np)
Carl (np)
Carlson (np)
Carlson (np)
Carlton (np)
Carlton (np)
Carlyle (np)
Carlyle (np)
Carmelita (np)
Carmichael (np)
Carmichael (np)
Carmona (np)
Carnegie (np)
Carney (np)
Carnival (np)
Carole (np)
Carolina (np)
Carona (np)
Carrère (np)
Carrie (np)
Carroll (np)
Carroll (np)
Carr (np)
Carson (np)
Carter (np)
Cartes (np)
Cartosio (np)
Carvalho (np)
Casablad (np)
Casey (np)
Cashman (np)
Cassandra (np)
Cassell (np)
CAS (np)
Castillo (np)
Castor (np)
Castor (np)
Castro (np)
Catchpole (np)
Cates (np)
Cathay (np)
Catiline (np)
Caudron (np)
Cazeils (np)
CBC (np)
CBGB (np)
CB (np)
CBS (np)
CDC (np)
Ceballos (np)
Cecil (np)
Cecil (np)
CEDT (np)
Ceferin (np)
Cefer (np)
Celesio (np)
Celia (np)
Cellini (np)
Celsius (np)
Centcom (np)
Central Park (np)
Central (np)
Centre (np)
Cephalon (np)
Cervantes-Barragan (np)
Cervantes (np)
Cervantes (np)
Cesar (np)
Cesar (np)
Cesc (np)
Cesc (np)
Cetus (np)
Ceuta (np)
Ceuta (np)
CFE (np)
CFO (np)
CGA (np)
CGI (np)
Chacon (np)
Chafak (np)
Chaisse (np)
Chakvetadze-Schiavone (np)
Chalmers (np)
Chalmers (np)
Chamberlian (np)
Chamchamal (np)
Chandler (np)
Chandler (np)
Chanel (np)
Chanel (np)
Chaney (np)
Chang (np)
Chang (np)
Channing (np)
Chan (np)
Chapel (np)
Chapman (np)
Chapo (np)
Chapo (np)
Charles (np)
Charlestown (np)
Charlie (np)
Charlotte (np)
Chase (np)
Chasse (np)
Chatanooga (np)
Chatham (np)
Chatswin (np)
Chavez (np)
Chazz (np)
Cheh (np)
Chelios (np)
Chelsea (np)
Cheney (np)
Cheney (np)
Cheng (np)
Cheng (np)
Chennai (np)
Chennai (np)
Chen (np)
Cheol (np)
Chepe (np)
Chequers (np)
Cherie (np)
Chernowitz (np)
Chesney (np)
Chevas (np)
Chevy (np)
Chey (np)
Chicago (np)
Chidambaram (np)
Childers (np)
Childress (np)
Child (np)
Chile (np)
Chimera (np)
Chimpo (np)
Chinatown (np)
Chinatown (np)
Chinmoy (np)
Chino (np)
Chirac (np)
Chirac (np)
Chi (np)
Chisora (np)
Chittagong (np)
Chloe (np)
Chloë (np)
Chomsky (np)
Chongqing (np)
Chopin (np)
Chopin (np)
Cho (np)
Cho (np)
Choza (np)
Chozick (np)
Chris (np)
Chrissy (np)
Christa (np)
Christian (np)
Christie (np)
Christine (np)
Christion (np)
Christodoulou (np)
Christopher (np) (ant) (m)
Chrysler (np)
Chrystia (np)
Chuck (np)
Churchill (np)
Chu (np)
Chutki (np)
Chuuk (np)
Ciara (np)
Cicero (np)
Cicero (np) (ant) (m)
Cincinnati (np)
Cincinnati (np)
Cindy (np)
Cipriani (np)
Cisco (np)
Cisterna (np)
Citigroup (np)
Citizendium (np)
CIT (np)
Ciudad Juarez (np)
Ciudad (np)
Ciudad (np)
Civeira (np)
Civic (np)
Claiborne (np)
Claire (np)
Clapton (np)
Clapton (np)
Clarke (np)
Clark (np)
Clark (np)
Claude (np)
Claud (np)
Clayton (np)
Clegg (np)
Clegg (np)
Clemens (np)
Clemens (np)
Clers (np)
Cleveland (np)
Cleveland (np)
Clichy (np)
Clifford (np)
Clift (np)
Climo (np)
Cline (np)
Cline (np)
Clinton (np)
Clive (np)
Clooney (np)
Cloud (np)
Clouseau (np)
Club (np)
Cluley (np)
Clyde (np)
Clyro (np)
CNBC (np)
CNN (np)
Coca (np)
Coen (np)
Coen (np)
Coe (np)
Coffey (np)
Cohen (np)
Cohn (np)
Coker (np)
Cola (np)
Cola (np)
Colchie (np)
Coleman (np)
Coleraine (np)
Cole (np)
Colin (np)
Coliseum (np)
Colleen (np)
Collier (np)
Collingwood (np)
Collingwood (np)
Collin (np)
Collin (np)
Colombina (np)
Colonna (np)
Colorado (np)
Col (np)
Columbia (np)
Columbus (np)
Colvine (np)
Comaneci (np)
Compean (np)
CompUSA (np)
Comrade (np)
ComScore (np)
Com (np)
Concord (np)
Concourse (np)
Condi (np)
Condoleezza (np)
Condoleezza (np)
Conley (np)
Connecticut (np)
Connery (np)
Connie (np)
Connie (np)
Connolly (np)
Connolly (np)
Connor (np)
Conor (np)
Conrad (np)
Consorcio (np)
Constance (np)
Constance (np)
Convercent (np)
Cooke (np)
Cook (np)
Coon (np)
Cooper (np)
Cooper (np)
Coop (np)
Coors (np)
Copacabana (np)
Copeland (np)
Copeland (np)
Coppée (np)
Copper (np)
Coppin (np)
Corbyn (np)
Corcoran (np)
Cordelia (np)
Cordero (np)
Cordero (np)
Cordoba (np)
Cordoba (np)
Coreco Mortgage Brokers (np)
Coreco (np)
Coretta (np)
Cornelissen (np)
Corneliu (np)
Cornelius (np)
Cornell-Duranleau (np)
Cornell (np)
Cornwall (np)
Coronado (np)
Corp (np)
Correio (np)
Correio (np)
Cortés (np)
Coruña (np)
Corvinus (np)
Cosby (np)
Cosla (np)
Co (np) (sg)
Costa Rica (np)
Costa Rica (np)
Costa (np)
Costumier (np)
Cotter (np)
Cotton Bowl (np)
Coughlin (np)
Coulibaly (np)
Coulsdon (np)
Coulter (np)
Coupe (np)
Courtois (np)
Court (np)
Cove (np)
Cowell (np)
Cownie (np)
Cozad (np)
CPJ (np)
Crabtree (np)
Craiglang (np)
Craig (np)
Cramer (np)
Cramo (np)
Crawford (np)
Credit Suisse (np)
Crenshaw (np)
Cresta (np)
Cretaceous (np)
Crick (np)
Crieppam (np)
Crimean (np)
Crimestoppers (np)
Cristiano (np)
Crohn (np)
Cromwell (np)
Crowe (np)
Crowe (np)
Crown Comms (np)
Croydon (np)
Cruz (np)
Cryobanks (np)
C. (np)
CTO (np)
Cubbage (np)
Cubs (np)
Cueto (np)
Culiacan (np)
Cumberland (np)
Cumberland (np)
Cumbria (np)
Cumbria (np)
Cuomo (np)
Curacao (np)
Current Biology (np)
Cushing (np)
Cushnahan (np)
Cutler (np)
Cutler (np)
Cutts (np)
Cyprien (np)
Cyprien (np)
CytRx (np)
Czeisler (np)
C (n) C (n)
C (n) C (n)
C-duuri (n) C major (n)
C-duuriasteikko (n) C major scale (n)
C-duuriasteikko (n) scale of C major (n)
C-horisontti (n) C horizon (n)
C-horisontti (n) C-horizon (n)
C-kääntäjä (n) C compiler (n)
C-nuottiavain (n) C clef (n)
C-ohjelma (n) C program (n)
C-paristo (n) C battery (n)
C-puristin (n) C-clamp (n)
C-vitamiini (n) vitamin C (n)
CAT-kuvaus (n) CAT scan (n)
CAT-skanneri (n) CAT scanner (n)
CB (n) CB (n)
CCCP (np) USSR (np)
CD-ROM-asema (n) CD-ROM drive (n)
CD-asema (n) CD drive (n)
CD-levy (n) compact disc (n)
CD-levy (n) compact disk (n)
CD-poltin (n) CD burner (n)
CD-poltin (n) compact-disk burner (n)
CD-soitin (n) CD player (n)
CD4-solu (n) CD4 cell (n)
CD8-T-solu (n) CD8 T cell (n)
CD8-solu (n) CD8 cell (n)
CFA (n) CFA (n)
CFC-yhdisteet (n) chlorofluorocarbon (n)
CISL (n) CISL (n)
CN-kaasu (n) CN gas (n)
CN-torni (n) CN Tower (n)
CNN (n) CNN (n)
CO2 (n) CO2 (n)
CP (n) CP (n)
CP-aivovaurio (n) cerebral palsy (n)
CP-vamma (n) cerebral palsy (n)
CRC (n) cyclic redundancy check (n)
CRT-näyttö (n) CRT screen (n)
CS-kaasu (n) CS gas (n)
Caesar-salaatti (n) Caesar salad (n)
Calif. (abbr) Calif. (abbr)
Callophis (n) Callophis (n)
Cannabis sativa (n) Cannabis sativa (n)
Carpentarianlahti (np) Carpentaria (np)
Carpentarianlahti (np) Gulf of Carpentaria (np)
Casanova (np) Lothario (np)
Caymansaaret (np) Cayman Islands (np)
Celsius-asteikko (n) Celsius scale (n)
Chabad-hasidismi (n) Chabad Hasidism (n)
Charles Chaplin (np) Charlie Chaplin (np)
Chesapeakelahdennoutaja (n) Chesapeake Bay retriever (n)
Citlaltépetl (np) Citlaltepetl (np)
Colbert-kastike (n) Colbert butter (n)
Colbert-kastike (n) Colbert (n)
Colobus (n) colobus (n)
Colobus-apina (n) colobus monkey (n)
Concord-rypäle (n) Concord grape (n)
Cornish-kana (n) Cornish fowl (n)
Corp (n) Corp (n)
Cortésinmeri (np) Sea of Cortes (np)
Cro-Magnon (n) Cro-magnon (n)
Cryptocoryne (n) cryptocoryne (n)
Cryptomonadales (n) cryptomonad (n)
Cupido (np) Cupid (np)
Curie-piste (n) Curie temperature (n)
LR c (adj) 100th (adj)
c-klorofylli (n) chlorofucin (n)
c-klorofylli (n) chlorophyll c (n)
c-segmentti (n) compact car (n)
ca (adv) circa (adv)
cabriolet (n) convertible (n)
caddie (n) caddie (n)
caddie (n) tea caddy (n)
caddo (n) Caddoan (n)
caddo (n) Caddo (n)
cafe (n) cafe (n)
cafeteria (n) cafe (n)
cajuni (n) Cajun (n)
camber-kulma (n) camber (n)
canasta (n) basket rummy (n)
canasta (n) canasta (n)
canasta (n) meld (n)
cancan (n) cancan (n)
cancrum (n) canker sore (n)
candlepin-keilailu (n) candlepin bowling (n)
candlepin-keilailu (n) candlepins (n)
caninus (n) canine tooth (n)
caninus (n) dogtooth (n)
cannelloni (n) cannelloni (n)
cantaloupe (n) cantaloupe (n)
cantaloupe (n) cantaloup (n)
cantaloupemeloni (n) cantaloupe (n)
cantaloupemeloni (n) cantaloupe vine (n)
cantaloupemeloni (n) Persian melon (n)
cantaloupemelonikasvi (n) cantaloup vine (n)
capital (n) vcapital (n)
cappuccino (n) cappuccino (n)
carbonado (n) black diamond (n)
cardigan (n) Cardigan (n)
carib (n) Carib (n)
carib-intiaani (n) Carib Indian (n)
carina (n) keel (n)
carioca (n) carioca (n)
carolinalainen (n) Carolinian (n)
carolinanaratti (n) Carolina parakeet (n)
carolinanaratti (n) Conuropsis (n)
caruncula (n) caruncula (n)
casabameloni (n) casaba melon (n)
cascarilla-kuori (n) sweetwood bark (n)
cashew-puu (n) cashew tree (n)
cashew-pähkinä (n) cashew nut (n)
cashewpähkinä (n) cashew nut (n)
castrolaisuus (n) Castroism (n)
catawba (n) Catawba (n)
cavalier (n) Cavalier (n)
cay (n) cay (n)
cayenne (n) cayenne (n)
cayennenpippuri (n) cayenne pepper (n)
cayennepaprika (n) cayenne pepper (n)
cayennepippuri (n) cayenne (n)
cd (n) cd (n)
cd-levy (n) cd record (n)
cebuano (n) Cebuano (n)
cebuano (n) Cebuan (n)
celsius (n) celsius (n)
celsiusaste (n) degree Celsius (n)
celsiusaste (n) degree centigrade (n)
celsiusasteikko (n) centigrade scale (n)
celsiusasteikko (n) international scale (n)
cembalisti (n) harpsichordist (n)
cembalo (n) harpsichord (n)
center (n) center (n)
centurio (n) centurion (n)
cerasus (n) cherry (n)
cesiumatomikello (n) caesium clock (n)
cessio (n) assignment (n)
ceyloniitti (n) Ceylonite (n)
ceylonilainen (n) Ceylonese (n)
ceyloninkaneli (n) Ceylon cinnamon (n)
ceyloninkaneli (n) Ceylon cinnamon tree (n)
cgs-järjestelmä (n) cgs system (n)
cha (n) cha (n)
chaga (n) Chaga (n)
chagga (n) Chagga (n)
chahta (n) Chahta (n)
chai (n) chai (n)
chalazion (n) chalazion (n)
chamosiitti (n) chamosite (n)
chance-half-korrelaatio (n) chance-half correlation (n)
charlotte-vanukas (n) charlotte (n)
charmi (n) charm (n)
charmikampanja (n) charm campaign (n)
charter (n) charter (n)
charter-koulu (n) charter school (n)
charteryrittäjä (n) charterer (n)
chartismi (n) Chartism (n)
chartisti (n) Chartist (n)
chasseur-kastike (n) sauce chausseur (n)
chassé (n) chasse (n)
chassé (n) sashay (n)
cheddarinjuusto (n) Armerican cheddar (n)
cheddarjuusto (n) cheddar cheese (n)
cheerleader (n) cheerleader (n)
chemakuan (n) Chemakuan (n)
chemakum (n) Chemakum (n)
chenillelanka (n) chenille cord (n)
chenillelanka (n) chenille (n)
cheroot-sikari (n) cheroot (n)
cheshire (n) Cheshire cheese (n)
cheshirenjuusto (n) Cheshire cheese (n)
chesterfield-sohva (n) chesterfield (n)
chevy (n) chevy (n)
chevy (n) chevy (n)
chiMwini (n) ChiMwini (n)
chicagolainen (adj) Chicagoan (adj)
chichewa (n) Chichewa (n)
chickasaw (n) Chickasaw (n)
chiclekumi (n) chicle gum (n)
chiclekumi (n) chicle (n)
chiffon-kakku (n) chiffon cake (n)
chihuahua (n) chihuahua (n)
chileläinen (n) Chilean (n)
chileläinen (adj) chilean (adj)
chilenmansikka (n) beach strawberry (n)
chilenmansikka (n) Chilean strawberry (n)
chilensalpietari (n) caliche (n)
chilensarda (n) Chilean bonito (n)
chilensarda (n) Chile bonito (n)
chilensarda (n) Pacific bonito (n)
chilentähtikasvit (n) Tecophilaeacea (n)
chili (n) chili (n)
chili (n) chilli (n)
chilietikka (n) chili vinegar (n)
chilijauhe (n) chili powder (n)
chilikastike (n) chili sauce (n)
chilipaprika (n) chili pepper (n)
chilipaprika (n) chilli pepper (n)
chilipaprika (n) long pepper (n)
chilipata (n) chili con carne (n)
chilipippuri (n) chili pepper (n)
chilipippuri (n) hot pepper (n)
chilipippuri (n) red pepper (n)
chilipippuri (n) tabasco pepper (n)
chiliseos (n) chili powder (n)
chiluba (n) Chiluba (n)
chimakum (n) Chimakum (n)
chimariko (n) Chimariko (n)
chin (n) Chin (n)
chinatown (n) chinatown (n)
chinchilla (n) chinchillon (n)
chinchillarotta (n) chinchilla rat (n)
chinkapintammi (n) chinkapin oak (n)
chinkapintammi (n) chinquapin oak (n)
chinkapintammi (n) yellow chestnut oak (n)
chinook (n) Chinook (n)
chinook-tuuli (n) chinook (n)
chinook-tuuli (n) chinook wind (n)
chinquapin-kastanja (n) chinquapin (n)
chipata (vblex) chip (vblex)
chipewya (n) Chippewaian (n)
chipewyan (n) Chipewyan (n)
chippewa (n) Chipewyan (n)
chippewa (n) Chippewa (n)
chippewa (n) Chippewyan (n)
chippi (n) chip (n)
chishona (n) Chishona (n)
chiwere (n) Chiwere (n)
chloasma (n) liver spot (n)
chlordiazepoxidum (n) chlordiazepoxide (n)
choctaw (n) Choctaw (n)
chorea (n) canine chorea (n)
chow mein (n) chow mein (n)
chow-chow (n) chow chow (n)
chukka-jalkine (n) chukka boot (n)
chukka-kengät (n) chukka (n)
churidar-housut (n) churidars (n)
churriguereskityylinen (n) churrigueresco (n)
churriguereskityylinen (n) churrigueresque (n)
chutney (n) chutney (n)
cis (n) cis (n)
cisalppinen (n) cisalpine (n)
LR city (n) city (n)
LR city (n) city (n)
city-maasturi (n) sport utility vehicle (n)
clarino (n) clarion (n)
claro-sikari (n) claro (n)
cleanup-asema (n) cleanup position (n)
cleanup-lyöjä (n) cleanup (n)
cleanup-paikka (n) cleanup spot (n)
clou (n) clou (n)
clumberinspanieli (n) clumber (n)
clumberinspanieli (n) clumber spaniel (n)
cluster-päänsärky (n) cluster headache (n)
clydesdalenhevonen (n) Clydesdale (n)
clydesdalenterrieri (n) Clydesdale terrier (n)
cm (n) cm (n)
LR cm (adj) 900th (adj)
cm (n) cm (abbr)
co. (adv) Co. (abbr)
cochimi (n) Cochimi (n)
cockeri (n) cocker (n)
cockerspanieli (n) cocker spaniel (n)
cockerspanieli (n) English cocker spaniel (n)
cocktail (n) cocktail (n)
cocktail (n) stinger (n)
cocktailbaari (n) cocktail lounge (n)
cocktailkastike (n) cocktail sauce (n)
cocktailkirsikka (n) maraschino (n)
cocktailkutsut (n) cocktail party (n)
cocktailravistin (n) cocktail shaker (n)
cocktailtikku (n) swizzle stick (n)
cocoyam (n) cocoyam (n)
cocozelle-kesäkurpitsalajike (n) cocozelle (n)
cocozelle-kurpitsalajike (n) cocozelle (n)
cocozelle-kurpitsalajike (n) Italian vegetable marrow (n)
coeloma (n) celoma (n)
cokis (n) Coke (n)
coleslaw (n) coleslaw (n)
college (n) college (n)
college-opiskelija (n) college student (n)
college-taso (n) college level (n)
collegehousut (n) sweatpants (n)
collegepaita (n) sweatshirt (n)
collegepusero (n) sweatshirt (n)
collie (n) collie (n)
coloradolainen (n) Coloradan (n)
comtelaisuus (n) Comtism (n)
congius-mitta (n) congius (n)
congo-tee (n) congo (n)
congou (n) congou (n)
congou-tee (n) congou tea (n)
connecticutilainen (n) Connecticuter (n)
conoy (n) Conoy (n)
cool (adj) cool (adj)
coolius (n) coolness (n)
copehan (n) Copehan (n)
copyright (n) copyright (n)
copywriter (n) copywriter (n)
coriolisvoima (n) Coriolis force (n)
cornwallilainen (n) Cornishman (n)
cornwallilainen (n) Cornishwoman (n)
costaricalainen (n) Costa Rican (n)
costiasis (n) costiasis (n)
coudé-järjestelmä (n) coude system (n)
coulombi (n) coulomb (n)
country (n) country music (n)
countrymusiikki (n) country music (n)
couscous (n) couscous (n)
cover (n) cover (n)
cover-esitys (n) cover song (n)
cover-versio (n) cover version (n)
cowboy (n) cowboy (n)
cowboy-hevonen (n) cow pony (n)
cowboy-saapas (n) cowboy boot (n)
coxsackievirus (n) Coxsackie virus (n)
crack (n) crack (n)
crack (n) tornado (n)
crack-kokaiini (n) crack cocaine (n)
crapette (n) Russian bank (n)
credit-merkintä (n) credit entry (n)
credit-puoli (n) credit side (n)
cree (n) Cree (n)
creek (n) Creek (n)
cribbage-lauta (n) cribbage board (n)
cross (n) cross (n)
crosse (n) crosse (n)
crow (n) Crow (n)
crème brulée (n) creme brulee (n)
culpa-vastuu (n) culpability (n)
culpa-vastuu (n) culpableness (n)
cumuluspilvi (n) cumulus cloud (n)
cunnilingus (n) cunnilinctus (n)
cunnilingus (n) cunnilingus (n)
cup (n) cup (n)
cup-finaali (n) cup final (n)
curie (n) curie (n)
curry (n) curry powder (n)
curry (n) curry (n)
curryjauhe (n) curry powder (n)
currykastike (n) curry sauce (n)
currykeitto (n) mulligatawny (n)
currypata (n) curry (n)
curuba (n) banana passion fruit (n)
curuba (n) sweet calabash (n)
cushaw-kurpitsa (n) cushaw (n)
cy-près (n) cy pres (n)
cy-près-oppi (n) cy pres doctrine (n)
cy-près-sääntö (n) rule of cy pres (n)
cyberrikollinen (n) cyber criminal (n)
cytopenia (n) haematocytopenia (n)