Finnish–English dictionary for rule-based machine translation

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Apertium-fin-eng: Finnish–English bilingual dictionary (letter q)

This page has been generated automatically from the XML dictionary data. It is intended for visualisation. Please find the machine-readable source codes in apertium repository for fin-eng.


Apertium will use following letters as alphabets in its tokenisation:

Apertium tags (for POS and MSD features)

Symbol Comment
<abbr> Abbr=Yes
<acc> Case=Acc
<acr> Abbr=Yes
<ade> Case=Ade
<adj> ADJ
<adv> ADV
<al> PropnType=Unk
<an> ???
<ant> PropnType=Ant
<apos> PunctType=apos
<card> NumType=Card
<cm> PunctType=Cm
<cnjadv> SCONJ
<cnjcoo> CCONJ
<cnjsub> SCONJ
<cog> PropnType=Cog
<def> Definite=
<dem> PronType=Dem
<det> DET
<enc> Clitic=ko
<ess> Case=Ess
<f> PropnType=Fem
<gen> Case=Gen
<ger> VerbForm=Ger
<guio> PUNCT
<ij> INTJ
<ill> Case=Ill
<ind> PronType=Ind
<ine> Case=Ine
<ins> Case=Ins
<itg> PronType=Itner
<lpar> PUNCT
<lquest> PUNCT
<lquot> PUNCT
<m> PropnType=Male
<mf> PropnType=_
<n> NOUN
<ND> Number=_
<neg> Polarity=Neg
<nn> I don't thinke anyone knows these really...
<nom> Case=Nom
<np> PROPN
<nt> Gender=Neut
<num> NUM
<obj> Case=Acc
<ord> Numtupe=Ord
<p1> Person=1
<p2> Person=2
<p3> Person=3
<par> Case=Par
<part> PART
<pers> PronType=Pers
<pl> Number=Plur
<pos> Degree=Pos
<post> AdpType=Post
<pr> AdpType=Pre
<preadv> ADV
<predet> DET
<prn> PRON
<pron> PRON
<punct> PUNCT
<pxsp3> Person[psor]=3
<qnt> PronType=Ind
<qst> Clitic=Ko
<qu> PronType=Ind
<quot> PUNCT
<ref> Reflex=Yes
<rel> PronType=Rel
<rpar> PUNCT
<rquot> PUNCT
<sent> PUNCT
<sg> Number=Sing
<sint> AdjType=Sint
<sp> Number=_
<subj> Case=Nom
<subst> ???
<sym> SYM
<tn> ???
<top> PropnType=Top
<tra> Case=Tra
<vaux> apuverbi
<vbdo> AUX
<vbhaver> AUX
<vblex> VERB
<vbmod> AUX
<vbser> AUX
<x> X



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q or Q

RL Finnish C English C Comments
Qaeda (np)
Qarabagh (np)
Qatari (np)
Qatar (np)
QC (np)
QGM (np)
Qinghai (np)
Qing (np)
QPR (np)
QPR Software (np)
QRIO (np)
Quake (np)
Qualcomm (np)
Quantico (np)
Quayle (np)
Quayle (np)
Queensland (np)
Quentin (np)
Quereshi (np)
Quincy (np)
Quincy (np)
Quinlan (np)
Quinn (np)
Quinton (np)
Quito (np)
Quito (np)
Qwentès (np)
Q (n) Q (n)
Q-kuume (n) Q fever (n)
Q1 (n) Q1 (n)
Q4 (n) Q4 (n)
QC (n) QC (n)
QPR (n) QPR (n)
QWERTY-näppäimistö (n) QWERTY keyboard (n)
Qin-dynastia (n) Qin dynasty (n)
Qing-dynastia (n) Qing dynasty (n)
Quebecläinen (n) Quebecois (n)
Québec (np) Quebec (np)
qatarilainen (n) Katari (n)
qatarilainen (n) Qatari (n)
qatarilainen (adj) Qatari (adj)
qiang (n) Qiang (n)
qiangic (n) Qiangic (n)
qof (n) qoph (n)
quandong (n) blue fig (n)
quandong (n) quandang (n)
quandong (n) quandong (n)
quandong (n) quantong (n)
quandongpuu (n) quandong (n)
quandongpuu (n) quandong tree (n)
quandongpähkinä (n) quandong nut (n)
quatember (n) Ember Day (n)
queer (n) queer (n)
quellung-reaktio (n) quellung reaction (n)
quellung-reaktio (n) quellung (n)
quetzal (n) quetzal (n)
quiche (n) Quiche (n)
quickstep (n) quickstep (n)
quinquagesima-sunnuntai (n) Quinquagesima Sunday (n)
quoratean (n) Quoratean (n)