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Documentation of the Open-Source Shallow-Transfer Machine-Translation Platform Apertium

Documentation of the Open-Source Shallow-Transfer Machine-Translation Platform Apertium

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Of version 2.0 of the documentation:

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Carme Armentano-Oller
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Mireia Ginestí Rosell

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Version 2.0 of the official Apertium documentation can be found here. The LaTeX source file is archived on Sourceforge.

In addition, there is a lot of information on the wiki of the project.

The goal of this document is two-fold:

    1 Introduction

    2 The shallow-transfer machine translation engine

    3 Format specification of the data stream between modules

      3.1 Introduction

      3.2 Data stream without format

        3.2.1 Stream format

      3.3 Segmented data stream

    4 Modules specification

      4.1 Lexical processing modules

        4.1.1 Module description

        4.1.2 Format processing

 Format encapsulation method

    5 Installing and running the system

    6 Maintaining linguistic data

    7 Data insertion web forms

    8 Best practices when developing an Apertium translator

    9 Appendix A. XML DTDs

    10 Appendix B. Grammatical symbols used in the modules

    11 Appendix C. A list of all Apertium repositories

      11.1 Core

      11.2 Tools

      11.3 Monolingual packages

      11.4 Bilingual packages

      11.5 Collections

      11.6 Documentation

    12 Appendix D. Abbreviations used in the text

    13 Appendix E. Linguistic data repositories by language families

      13.1 Turkic