Apertium bilingual data for Finnish–German machine translation

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Apertium-fin-deu is a free and open source project containing lexical resources and some rules, primarily developed for rule-based machine translation, but can be useful to anyone needing bi-lingual resources for the language pair. The dictionaries and rulesets are provided in apertium’s own XML format.


Everyone should read at least the usage information from the README of the project and apertium wiki for further information on apertium.

  2. Apertium wiki


  1. Statistics
  2. Finnish–German word-list,
  3. German–Finnish word-list,
  4. Finnish–German chunking rules
  5. German–Finnish chunking rules
  6. Finnish–German re-ordering rules
  7. German–Finnish re-ordering rules
  8. Finnish–German more rules
  9. German–Finnish more rules